Debt Recovery and Collection


Crown Collections is a well-versed and accomplished debt collector that specializes in recovering consumer and commercial debt in both New Zealand and overseas.

When a business has overdue payments and unpaid invoices, it can have a serious impact on their cash flow. We offer a debt recovery service that is both efficient and confidential, and are dedicated to recovering your money as soon as possible.
Our team of private investigators operates confidentially to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved without causing any disruption.
No matter the size of your debtor problem, Crown Collections is here to help.

Debt Recovery and Collection

Customised Debt Collection Strategies

We will collaborate with you to devise a unique strategy for each assignment. Which is based on the size and age of the debt, the characteristics of the debtor, and your preferred outcomes.

We have a range of approaches, from level one (kid gloves) to level 10 (bankruptcy action). We have found that non-threatening person-to-person contact can be far more effective than letters. Often, a phone call or chat is sufficient.

Debtors do not wish to be blacklisted for failing to pay; when faced with the necessity to meet their debts, they typically comply. We will always operate in a manner that is consistent with the higest values of your business.

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Customised Debt Collection Strategies

Less cost than you expect

Our clients are often pleasantly surprised by the approach we take to costing. While some may initially assume that using private investigators for debt collection is an expensive option, they soon realize that our service represents excellent value for money.

Keeping you fully informed

We will talk about the strategy with you and update you regularly. We will also inform you of any partial or staged repayment offers from the debtor and only then decide whether to accept or decline them on your behalf.

Legal action when required

In cases where a debtor is steadfastly refusing to pay or even negotiate payment arrangements, we can escalate our activities by calling upon the expertise of our legal team.

Focus on your Business

Pursuing bad debt can have a negative impact on productivity, causing stress, demotivation, distraction, and down-time. By delegating your debt collection to us, you can free up your time to focus on managing and expanding your business.